Quality Rental boats and Watersports

Welcome to Porto Nostos

Since 1995 Nostos Rental Boats & Watersports is a company dedicated in all kinds of watersports and offers to people, families, children and friends the opportunity to have fun in the sea, doing all kind of watersports.

We are located in Skiathos island on Tzaneria beach ( Nostos )
From more than 16 years, Nostos Rental Boats & Watersports has given the opportunity to learn to Waterski, Wakeboard  Rent a boat for a day and another kind of Watersports .
We also offer Canoes, Pedalos, Extreme rides, Sofa rides, Sailing, Boat trips & Scuba Diving.
Qualified instructors will teach you  We have all kinds of different watersports
The purpose of the high qualified teamwork is to offer an unforgettable experience to the customer and enjoy their holidays!